The online business has grown tremendously in the past years. The digitally-enabled customers nowadays like to shop on the go and that is the reason why we get to see an increase in online sales and e-commerce market. Such rapid growth promises a wonderful future for the Indian e-commerce industry signifying an effective business and increased customer demand.

Any e-retailers found it very monotonous job to manually place all the entries in spreadsheets. And not only that, entire sales channels including placing entries, modifying quantities, keeping warehouse inventories updated etc. are all staffed up to them.

Order management system (OMS) is the new innovative solution for all the problems arises in businesses dealing with multiple channels, from tracking inventory to vendor information to automating stock deliveries based demand.

What does an order management system do?

An order management system is a single system that manages all aspects of a business, such as processing of orders, call centre management for phone orders, inventory management, customer service, forecasting and purchasing, warehouse management, accounting, and marketing. A fully integrated OMS makes your business run easily and efficiently by automating every step possible.

  • Integrating shipping service reduces processing time by enabling on-time delivery of products

Without an automated system it becomes a tedious task to ensure the timely delivery. OMS save time and energy both by generating shipping labels even for bulk orders and choosing carriers. It also track shipments and provides a unique tracking number for customers so that both can track online throughout the fulfilment process.

  • Syncing Inventory management with OMS allows for smooth business transactions

Inventory that is not synced creates confusion and mismanagement with orders that are refunded due to discontinued or out of stock products resulting in missing out some potential customers. Syncing your inventory with Ezyslips order management software, will ensure that orders are always fulfilled by maintaining a seamless back-end process. It is also beneficial for brick-and-click stores by updating the retailer’s website with availability of the products.

  • Enhancing scalability and revenue margin of business

Along with the advantages of reduced time and errors, making the switch to an order management system means revenue saved for your business. By investing in an OMS, you don’t have to spend money on separate inventory management, accounting, customer service, shipping, and marketing software. Instead, an OMS provides you all of these components in one program which ensures an increase in profit margins, generate revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Allowing retailers to concentrate more on core aspects like marketing & promotion

The detailed order history is readily available with the retailer for which they can evaluate their sales and can strategize marketing and promotional activities like providing prices, offers and promotions to clients.

There are a lot of factors that you should keep in mind when reaching a decision and looking for the best option to ensure the long-term success of your business. offers one of the best order management software in India which will give business visibility, order accuracy, task automation and turnaround time by our robust Carrier APIs and Sales Channel APIs.