• Ecommerce Idea: Check
  • Market Research: Check
  • Niche Decided: Check
  • Smartphone Frenzy Audience: Double Check

Hmm, everything looks good, but something’s missing… 

Oh yes, the website, marketing, customer service, operation streamlining, how are you going to do it all? You aren’t planning to do all this manually, are you? In this age of automation, where things are getting done on their own, going manual will only be good if you are driving a stick. Cars and bikes with manual transmission are power on demand, but not ecommerce. Ecommerce must be automated, after all, it’s the electronic age.

To help you understand better why you need automation, we are listing down the key aspects of running ecommerce business where automation really helps. We’ll get to why it is important later in the article. But first, the focus points while automating your webstore.

eCommerce Website Development

Yes, we agree, a website cannot be built by an automated system, but that doesn’t mean it HAS to be built from the ground up with all using sickle and spades. Instead of writing code from scratch, or hiring a team do all the work, go for an ecommerce website builder.

The builder will prove even more handy because let you miss all the important elements of the ecommerce website. Why? Well, because a sensibly developed builder will take a step by step approach, ensuring you miss no crucial aspect of a fully functional ecommerce website.

Think about it, a fully-functional ecommerce store, just the way you want it, without writing a single line of code. Manual work minimised, ROI maximized.

Top Pick

We suggest you go for Liquidblox, a Finland based company that specializes in offering class leading ecommerce builder at highly competitive prices. The company takes pride in its experienced team members who created a highly efficient ecommerce builder. The best part is that you can sign up with Liquidblox for free, or book a live demo to see how it fits your needs.

Virtual Assistance Management

Not exactly an automation, but more of outsourcing, a virtual assistant plays a vital role in your business operations. Virtual assistant is used to:

  • Send and respond to emails
  • Update inventory and product pages
  • Managing appointments through automated calendars
  • Monitoring automated processes

Top Pick

The first name that comes to our mind while thinking of virtual assistant is Hubstaff. It’s remarkable how hubstaff takes responsibility of the task(s) assigned and handles them so efficiently.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about measuring the performance of people assigned to perform the outsourced task. Hubstaff gives you a tracking tool that you can use to see how much work each of the team member has done. The task management tool in itself is automated, giving you a report on a daily, weekly or a time window of your choice.

The Hubstaff task tracking tool is available for web, desktop (Windows and Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android).


An ecommerce business without shipping is like a bus without wheels, won’t go anywhere. Shipping is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce, and it is more complex than one can imagine. Shipping, as ecommerce pundits joke, work on Murphy’s law. Ecommerce website owners leave no stone unturned to ensure they get shipping right all the time, every time.

Moreover, given the massive number of orders ecommerce website process on each day, managing everything manually is not just beyond imagination; it’s a nightmare! And that’s why shipping is automated, to ensure things run smooth, fast and hasslefree.

Top Pick

Ezyslips, we suggest you bookmark this website in browser and save their number in your phone. Reason? These guys are pros at what they do. They offer shipping automation services like never before that include:

  • Bulk Shipping Label Printing
  • Bulk GST Compliant Invoices and Accountingbest
  • Automated Multi-stage Order Status Notification via SMS

Ezyslips makes order processing highly streamline across multiple sales channels, creates pickup requests automatically and can handle multiple warehouses and inventories simultaneously. What’s more Ezyslips lets you use Shopify login and import orders from shopify store.

Ezyslips is a comprehensive and fully automated shipping management software that is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Customer Support

If you do not automate your customer support, you will find yourself struggling to keep your customer satisfaction level average, let alone excellent. The only way to achieve the next level of customer support is to automate the way you handle customer queries. Ecommerce dwells on instant gratification, and that extends to providing timely customer support. You need to get to the key customer touchpoints before the time runs out, and competitors are waiting for you to miss the opportunity.

Top Pick

Zendesk, it is hands down one of the most efficient customer support software available in the market today. Zendesk has become the first choice of customer support through live chats and emails. The software also comes with tutorials and a demo to get the better idea of how to use it effectively.

And yes, it’s also insanely scalable, it grows as your business grows. The plans are carefully designed to suit your requirement.

Why You Need Automation

Just take a good look at your watch. It’s either a quartz watch, in which you need to put a new battery once a year or so. Or, it may be an automatic watch that winds itself into motion through movement. Highly sophisticated watches also run on light. That said, do you fancy wearing a watch that you need to wind to keep running?

In the same way, automation in ecommerce makes things easy, fast and more reliable. Manual operations are susceptible to human errors. At the same time, automation also lets you perform a multitude of operations at the same time. Performing the same operation manually will not only take you a lot of workforce, it will also be time consuming.

Automation in ecommerce is not an option anymore, it’s a need that also determines the speed of your growth. The four primary pillars of ecommerce that we mentioned above, when automated, give you better results at a much faster rate. Implement them and soar to greater heights. Good luck.