Sub Account

In Ezyslips, the user can allow to used the sub-account feature to set up and manage the multiple users to your master account

Our purpose

The purpose of this feature is to create privileges by vendors. Vendors act as administrator and create a new account (which also act as the vendor) and can define privileges at their own.

Why we need  Sub Account

When the User can create the sub-account user can choose to divide the multiple privilege priorities to the sub-user from the main account.

How we create the multiple sub-account in Ezyslips

In Ezyslips the user can be used to create a new sub-user from the main account. User can create and update the sub-account by logging into your account on Ezyslips web browser.

Creating the sub-account :

To create the sub-account user can select on the sub-account “tab” on the navigation panel, click under the “user” section on the home page. Users will able to view the main account. Click on “Add vendor’s administrator” by clicking on “+” sign.

Update  the Sub-account :

In Ezyslips, From the Sub-accounts tab, choose the Username(Your Email ID) of the sub-account to be updated. Edit the information as required and click ‘Update’ Button.

User will able to view the main account

Can we create the multiple sub-account to using the same email account

Yes, In Ezyslips,

When you try to create multiple sub-accounts using the same email address, you’ll be prompted to enter a unique username to identify among your accounts.

The “New profile (Vendor’s administrator)” page will open and the user will have to enter the details such as “Sub-account name”, “sub-account email ID”, and “Password”.

Also, select the sub-account status i.e. Active or Disable. By default, it will be selected as “Active”.

What happens when I used to cancel my sub-accounts in Ezyslips

When you cancel a sub-account, you will all the associated files will be permanently deleted. The sub-account user will no longer be able to access or backup data to that account.

How we need to create a new User groups

In the “User Group” tab, select the Sub-account name which you have created in order to give the privilege.


There are two features are arise when we are making the sub-account for the sub-users.

In General

Under the “General” tab, the user can modify the following things such as “Group name”, “Type”, and “Status”.

After selecting the features, click on the “Save” button.


Click on the “Privilege” tab and choose features for which you want to give access.

How the user will get to know the sub-account is created successfully

After filling the all information user will get the message(pop-up) on a web browser in Ezyslips and the user will get The sub-account will be created successfully with specific privileges for the sub-user.