The Aramex Shipping API allows your system to communicate directly with our shipping and tracking systems over the internet. Aramex Shipping API provides you with a wide range of functionalities that enables your system and applications to integrate directly with Aramex’s systems in an easy and automated way.

Aramex provides international logistics services to start-ups and established eCommerce businesses. They support over 220+ countries for shipping and have offices across the world. Their export express shipping is an ideal option for sellers looking for quick shipping.

Your eCommerce back office becomes organized and automated through the integration services. You can connect with multiple warehouses and generate shipping labels for each of the items you ship.

The software should be able to handle different brands (for different destinations) with ease. It must also have good features like the ability to identify reverse pick up requests and integrate with multiple warehouses.

It provide all services supported by Aramex International with the help of ezyslips and go with the all process assigned , manifest and pickup the all pre-shipment services.

Cash-on-Delivery (COD) is a service provided by Aramex where merchants can get Aramex to deliver their products to buyers and then collect the payment from the customers on their behalf.

we provide the Aramex international service of shipping and delivering documents and parcels within the customer’s country.

Is my personal information safe with Aramex?

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At Aramex, we take confidentiality seriously. we provide the ensure all personal information such as identification details, street or e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or any other information provided on our website will not be shared or sold to any person, business, or entity.