The Bluedart International service offers access to 220+ countries and territories worldwide and the extensive, quality network of Blue Dart and DHL with the help of Ezyslips.

The ezyslips provide the return doorstep by quality check with the help of Bluedart Integration services 

This is the process to examine the product which we are provided to the customer. This is one of the services and comparison of these with the specified requirements to determine conformity. 

In ezyslips

We are providing the user with a better process with unique features with the help of Bluedart integration. To inspect the result of the product to make sure that the object services being provided quality as there better or not as there customer requirement.

To be the best and set the pace in the express air and integrated transportation and distribution industry, with a business and human conscience. We commit to develop, reward and recognize our people who, through high quality and professional service, and use of sophisticated technology, will meet and exceed customer and stakeholder expectations profitably. Treat each other fairly and with respect and dignity and Encourage freedom in the communication of thoughts and ideas in all our interactions.

Blue Dart places a premium on and remains committed to good Corporate aligned to the best corporate practices. Strong Corporate Governance has always been an integral part of the Company’s business philosophy. Building community trust through responsible and sustainable management of its business is an indispensable part of Blue Dart. The Company is committed to its Living Responsibility motto. Living Responsibility or in common parlance, ‘Corporate Responsibility’ is a core element of Blue Dart’s corporate strategy

Bulk movement of goods with the Bluedart API

The bulk movement of goods is the ultimate goal of any shipping service. The Bluedart API makes this easy to achieve.

Track shipments real-time using Bluedart Tracking API

This API helps you keep up with your business shipments. You know precisely where your goods are so you can inform your customers about their whereabouts. It simplifies your organization and helps you control ground transportation.

Real-time tracking

Blue Dart provides you with various means of tracking your shipments to suit your convenience. Shipments can be tracked for a period of 90 days from the date of dispatch.

DHL Express Worldwide (DOC) is the fastest, trustworthy and most secure way to deliver non-dutiable shipments such as banking and legal documents, reports, proposals, tenders, etc. You can rely on this international service.

Bluedart provides a single account number that gives you global reach and simplifies budgeting and cost control. More in-house customs expertise than anyone else in the industry means one contact for all your export and import needs.

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