Return Pickup Doorstep by Quality Check

How does Ezyslips is providing  the better service with Bluedart Integration

This is the process to examine the product which we are provided to the customer. This is one of the services and comparison of these with the specified requirements to determine conformity.

In ezyslips

We are providing the user with a better process with unique features with the help of Bluedart integration. To inspect the result of the product to make sure that the object services being provided quality as there better or not as there customer requirement.

Why quality check is important for us

In Ezyslips,

When the customer Buys a product online. It is difficult for them to know about the produce of quality So, we took a step ahead and we perform to check the Quality of product with the help of Bluedart. 

Some of the Important Benefits of the doorstep of a quality check in Ezyslips

Automate Quality control Check

reduce cost effective

Good customer Satisfaction

How does it work In Ezyslips

In Ezyslips , we provide the quality Check service with the help of Bluedart currently

Create the  return request for refund and Exchange the product.

Choose the refund and exchange the option as per the need.

Order status will get updated to return Initiate status.

Select the return option to process the order.

View the list of all return request orders

Give the reason for a return request to the order as we are founded and click on the approve button

Now, here you can see the status of returned order.

Select the return order and generate the reverse pickup order status to click on the action button

under the Generate Reverse pickup tab User can select the Following thing such as “Select carrier”, “return ware house address” and ” pickup time” and choose the quality check process “close reverse and open reverse” . 

upload the file of picture in jpg and assigned the tracking number to generate the status of pickup reverse courier. 

if the user needs to cancel the list of product or any order. The user can easily cancel the order by using the feature in ezyslips panel. 

After filling the all information user will get the approved Exchange status in return tab