Multi-Piece Shipment

Ezyslips provide Shipments with multiple packages sent to the same destination can be grouped together in a multi-piece shipment to save money. we can create the multi  piece shipment by fedex 

  • To Create a new order you can click on the “sync orders()” button.

  • Once you can click on “add package details” to create the MPS and enter the dimensions of packages.
  • After Entering the button, here you can perform multiple actions.
  • Add the L, B, H, and weight to process the details of the package to the courier.  
  • If you want dimensions and weight identical for all package, so you need to choose YES in the option.
  • Click on the Save button.


  • To create the multiple packages details. 
  • After filling the details we should also create the multiple packages to perform an action of the  “Add more” button. 
  • You created  Upto 200  packages.
  • After create the MPS user will get a successful message.

To Assign tracking number

  • To Select and Click on Assign Courier button only the FedEx is available for  MPS in Ezyslips.
  • After clicking the Assign courier button and select courier services and pick up address.
  • If the return address and pickup address are the same, then the user can select “Return address and same as pickup address” option.
  • After Enter the all details click on “Assign tracking ” Button.