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About Tally

In Ezyslips
we used tally for an accounting program that users can track and manage all of your accounts, sales, debts, and everything else related to the running of your business. Tally is accounting software. It is used for accounts works. Tally is one of the most popular accounting software used in India, Tally ERP9 is offered. The software handles accounting, tax management.

How to Export EzySlips Orders into Tally

EzySlips provides export XML for the tally. XML is used for importing data in tally.
User can easily Export the file on the system with the help of providing instruction with a single click on a panel
One Click” Tally Export.

Tally Company Name: Enter the name of the company which exists in tally

Sales Ledger Name: Enter the name of the sales account ledger.


Step 1

Please follow below steps for Export XML from EzySlips.

Export: Select the export as voucher.

Type: Select the type as Tally Sales Voucher.

Tally Company Name: Enter the name of the company which is exist in tally

Sales Ledger Name: Enter the name of the sales account ledger.

Tally Current Date: Select the date as same as your current tally date.

Order Date: Select the date range of your orders date. You can allow maximum till last month.

Order Status: Select the Order Status as All, Processed, Manifested and Dispatched.

Step 2

Please follow the below steps for Import XML in Tally.

 Open Tally

Set the Current Date(F2) as same as you provide at the time of export XML.

 Select Import Data(O) then Vouchers(V)

 Enter the name of the downloaded XML file i.e., either pass the full path or save the exported XML file in to the tally installed directory (e.g save your downloaded XML in C:\Program Files\Tally\Tally.ERP9)

 If Successful then no error showing in the bottom right side.

 If any errors showing then open the tally.imp file with any editor and check it may be ledger not exits error showing. For that you have to create that ledger in the tally then again import XML.

 If you are unable to import XML then please free to Contact Us

 All Products should be present as Stock Items in tally.

All IGST, SGST and CGST ledger should be exists in tally under Duties & Taxes.

Discount, Shipping Charges, Other Charges and Round Off ledger should be exists in tally under Indirect Expenses with Normal Rounding Method.


How we import the order in ezyslips 

User can sync the new order from the store easily the import the new order in Ezyslips through to the single click on the panel

In ezyslips

User can select the Carrier shipping integration and provide to the customer tracking number into the single click 

How the user will get to know the order ledgers is completely created in tally 


This the one of the most important question will arise we will get to know the file is exactly created or not after import in tally. So, now the user will check the all details of the file which user were created in tally.

 Step 1 : Display -> statement of Accounts -> Outstanding ->  Receivables

 Step 2: Bill outstanding window will open and the list of all customers will appear (after importing) 

 Step 3: Select particular customer in order to view the product list.

 Step 4: Choose the Product from the list to view the vouchers