Order processing is the most important part of an Ecommerce order lifecycle. Because of this there are lots of things which impacts like:

  • SLA increases of an order
  • Cancellations of an orders
  • RTO’s percentage increases
  • Returning customers reduce
  • Brand value reduces and many more

So, to make a smooth Order Processing, At ezyslips provide you the Professional Panels for order Processing. Which includes features like:

  • AWB/Tracking number assign to order by API’s/Manually
  • Automatic prepaid/COD shipping label as per the standards of courier partner
  • Download Shipping Labels in PDF format.
  • Manifests according to Delhivery. You can download manifest in Excel or PDF formats
  • Bulk processing panels
  • Plug and play module for Opencart, Cscart and Shopify
  • 100+ Courier partner integrations in one go
  • Focus on your business, We provide you the Professional Processing panels

Benefits of using ezyslips.com

  • SLA reduces of an order
  • Cancellations of an orders will decrease
  • RTO’s percentage decreases
  • Returning customers increases that boosts sales
  • Brand value increases

So, Start ship from today with ezyslips