Cross Border Shipment

In Ezyslips, we provide better shipment services to the user in a single panel. Ezylips provide to the customer shipment services globally worldwide from India to more than 200+ countries easily.

It provides international shipment services to select the logistics Carrier shipment services with the help of FedEx International and Aramex International.

How Ezyslips make cross Border shipment services easy

In Ezyslips

Users can choose the different carrier partners in the single panel with the help of Ezyslips rather than the customer are exploring the different – different logistics sites. Ezyslips provide the entire logistics services internationally with the help of cross border shipment in the single panel through the few clicks.

Wide Reachability:

Ezyslips provide to the customer to process the order in entire globally into the panel through the single click. We offer the more the 200+ countries a shipment service with the help of ezyslips. Users can be shipped the courier across the world through the single click without any huddle.


Multi-Country Reachability

Ezyslips can handle the multi courier services are in a single panel platform that can be approached more than 200+ countries in a single panel. Now the user can ship anywhere worldwide with the help of pincode.

No order commitment required.

In Ezyslips,

The user doesn’t need to ask for any order commitment required.

Ezyslips provide the user can shipment minimum to maximum courier services in the same panel. Users can allow to shipment the courier services to more than customer requirements.

Pre and Post Tracking in a Single Panel

In Ezyslips,

Provide us the Pre and Post shipment services in the single panel. Which allows to the user in Pre-shipment to sync the all order in a list and we also can be processed to assign the courier number in FedEx or Aramex international services and manifest the all orders in the same day. In post tracking, ezyslips provide to the user can be used to check the all shipment procedure tracking allocation from origin to the destination.

Multiple couriers with a single courier feature enable International carriers.

In Ezyslips, we can manage multiple shipment services with the single courier in the same panel. It provides better shipment services with the help of different courier integration channels. Ezyslips can enable us to provide the shipment services internationally with the help of FedEx and Aramex courier services.


Easy and convenience Shipment

In Ezyslips we provided the international shipment services to the user and it made easy to access all services in the single panel from a single click

Go with your preferred courier shipment

In Ezyslips provide the customer with better services to access from any channel integration any time from the single panel easily without any restrictions.

Sync and process your order from a single window

In Ezyslips, Users can be allowed to sync the all-new order in the single list and used to process the overall import order assigned to giving the courier number sequentially in the same timing from the single panel.